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    Andropenis Gold | Besar Dan Panjangkan Zakar | Medical Aprroved |


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    Andropenis Gold | Besar Dan Panjangkan Zakar | Medical Aprroved |

    Post  bagusdanhebat on Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:37 pm

    Men with a small penis, average penis or even a larger penis can benefit from the natural penis enlargement device, Andropenis®. Andropenis® is a non-surgical penis enlargement product which promotes a long penis through the medical principle of traction, effectively adding up to 0.5 centimeters (0.2 inches) to your penis each month.

    In addition to increasing penis length and girth, Andropenis® safely corrects up to 70% of penis curvature (Peyronie's Disease) while elongating the penis. Many men opt out of corrective surgery for Peyronie's Disease as it commonly decreases penis length by up to 4 centimeters (1.6 inches). Andropenis® is non-surgical, thus leaving no scars or side effects.

    From an Average Penis to a Bigger Penis: The Medical Principle of Traction

    Plastic surgeons have been employing the principal of traction for skin graft surgery and regeneration of tissue for years. The mechanism of action in Andropenis® is similar, but because of the nature of penile tissue, is actually simpler to use for natural penis enlargement.

    Andropenis® can be worn underneath the clothing while sitting, standing and walking and gently applies a gradual 600 to 1500 gram (1.3 to 3.3 pounds) progressive traction force to the penis. This stimulates growth of the suspensory ligament, corpus cavernosum and the rest of the penile tissues, effectively promoting a long penis throughout the day.

    4 months
    5 months
    6 months
    7 months
    8 months

    Before and After Photos: Penis Enhancement Results

    The two series of photos taken before and after 6 months of treatment, show the efficacy of this method.

    Before After

    Before After

    Andropenis® differs from other penis enlargement products because it has:

    Results corroborated by numerous medical studies
    A non-intrusive mechanism of action
    No reliance on drugs or herbal supplements
    Five unconditional guarantees
    Medical Guarantee - no side effects
    Guaranteed Results - money back if you aren't satisfied
    Scientific Guarantee - results backed by clinical studies by urologists from around the world
    Manufacture Guarantee - certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI)
    Quality Guarantee - maximum confidentiality, unmatched customer service
    10 years of industry experience
    Through 6 to 9 months of use of Andropenis®, men report an average:

    Permanent length increase of the penis from 3 to 4 centimeters (1.2 to 1.6 inches) in erection
    Up to 4 centimeter (up to 1.6 inches) increase in flaccid state
    Girth increase of up to 1.5 centimeter (0.6 inches)
    Up to 70% correction in penile deviations or curvatures with a minimum correction of 40%
    Andropenis® is also been increasingly prescribed by doctors to prevent penile retraction after surgery. While many men experience an incidental shortening of the penis after certain surgeries, Andropenis® can be used to prevent this risk.

    Confidential Delivery of Your Andropenis® Natural Penis Enlargement Product

    Andropenis® is often prescribed by doctors and urologists, but you can buy directly from Andromedical by clicking BUY now. Pay confidentially by credit card, money order, cash on deliver or bank transfer and we'll ship you:

    1 Andropenis® Gold Penis Enhancement Device
    Spare Kit
    Androtop Pack
    Androring Pack
    Complementary Axis
    Instructional Card
    Guarantee Card
    Multilingual Instructional Manual
    Wooden Case

    CARA NAK ORDER : sms 019-3701706 @ 013-3066540

    Buat bayaran melalui cara-cara berikut: Mesin ATM / Kaunter / Internet-Banking / Maybank2u dan lain-lain ke akaun di bawah:

    1642 8555 9999

    0116 0075164 527

    4702 6594 35

    0114 1290 0008 5491

    12092 02281 0552



    * Nama : Mohd NAzaruddeen B muhd Raaee

    * H/ Phone : 013-3066540

    *Selepas transfer, smskan nama, alamat penuh , nama produk, jumlah wang

    * dan masa bank in. *



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